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Wednesday, July 4th, 2001
5:06 pm
i forgot about this community. we should do something in here..
try to pretend were cooooool
i dont know im in a weird mood. people who read this.. POST POST POST
well figure out something relating to the fact that the snows already dead since its summer time.
Thursday, May 17th, 2001
10:39 pm
how is everyone today? i just thought that i'd finally post something in this community. it's not a very interesting post, is it?

in the hopes of making it more interesting... a little shameless PR...


Current Mood: sleepy
Sunday, April 29th, 2001
9:33 pm
name- alexys
age- 16
address- in the heart of the ghetto
phone (707) 555- 4644
bday- february 23rd
parents- mmhmm
pets- darcy
siblings- nope
color- black
word- i say rad and fuck alot
quote- "fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to change it every six months" - oscar wilde
song- couldnt say
movie- dream for an insomniac
tv show- no
number- 16
animal- meerkat
game- lets sit and watch paint dry
drink- cranberry juice
food- noodles
president- .
album- fresh fruit for rotting vegetables - dead kennedys
place- anywhere but here
country- canadiaiaiaia
state- uh
actress- ione skye
boy- patton
girl- jessica
boy name- mckenzie
girl name- forsythia, or octavia
fruit- strawberries
vegetable- celery
toy- nite brite
car- i wanna 1986 honda accord
car color- green
book- catcher in the rye by j.d.salinger
website- ...
search enguine- yahoo
email user (ie hotmail,aol)- aol
instant message- starsfadeawayy or memory will rust
sport- trash can hopping
subject- my ass
perfume- hynpnotic poison
candle scent- vanilla
emotican- the one i cant acheive
magazine- .?
make-up- mascara
do u like it? kinda boring
is it the longest u have ever seen? no
would u ever fill out another this long? maybe
have u ever?
danced w/ the opposite sex- yes
kissed the opposite sex- yes
kissed the same sex- well, yes.
ever been in love- i think so
been a car accident- yes
killed someone or something- spiders
cussed someone out to there face- well.. yeah
drank alchohol- yeah, not anymore though
been drunk- :/
smoked- :(
have sex-
drove a car- yes
loved someone and never even met them- :(
sang in front of someone- yes
acted in front of someone (been in movie/play)- yes
flipped someone off- yes
kissed an animal- no
cussed in front of ur parents- why wouldnt i?
watched porn- nope
won money- like a dollar
babysat- yes
told someone u want to marry them- as a joke
cryed during a sad movie- uh-huh
if so what movie- *shrugs*
cryed while listening to a sad song- yes
what song- left and leaving - the weakerthans
i wanna be your boyfriend - the ramones (dont ask)
changed ur name- i guess
done drugs- .. i used to
made prank calls- once
watched a soap opera- dont think so
gone all day with our food- yeah.
gone all day without drinking liquid- i dont think so
been to a national ball game (NFL,NBA)- no
drove a boat- yeah. ew
been out of ur counry- yes
if so,where to- england, mexico
had a child- no
adopted a child- no
made a movie- no
made a song- yes
cryed in front of bf/gf- yes
worked- wasnt trying to accomplush anything
had surgery- yes
stripped- dont we have to to take a shower?
seen a rated R movie by ur self- uhh.. no im too young :x

Current Mood: sad
1:29 am
never never land.
im really bored.. people need to harass me more often.

Current Mood: bored
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